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Dental Braces in Seoul

Those who come to Ivy Line Dental Clinic with crooked teeth, misalignments (such as under- or overbites) can opt for various treatments to solve their issue, including the use of dental braces. These devices help correct teeth that are crowded, crooked, or misaligned. Most of our patients that opt for braces are teenagers, but many are adults, so don’t let age dissuade you from considering them. Braces slowly straighten and align teeth to normalize one’s bite, although a few undergo the treatment for aesthetic reasons, including K-pop stars, actors, newscasters, et al., looking to have a “million-dollar smile”.

While general dentists treat patients with basic alignment and solve other basic issues with teeth, orthodontists like Dr. Kun-Sung Chung  specialize in fully correcting any dental problems you may have, with an end-focus on beautifully straight teeth.

Dr. Chung starts with standard questions about your health before moving onto a clinical exam and the taking of digital scans of your face & teeth along with X-rays to determine any underlying issues. Once we get through these processes, it will be time to select the type of braces you want.

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Ivy Line Dental Clinic will determine the best type of braces for each patient’s particular situation, whether they be a child, teen, or adult. We offer metal, ceramic, and lingual braces.


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